Yes they are the same as the Hope shorts that Guy Martin seems to live in. Endura make these for Hope but now have also released them with their own branding. Although great for uplift assisted riding these heavy duty shorts are also just right for riding uphill, across hill and back down again. A bit hot in the summer, but on colder days the thicker ‘Oxford canvas’ material is welcome and it even keeps water out for a bit, making these probably the best UK night riding shorts you can get. The material is tough and you will probably be in hospital before you rip these shorts up! For downhilling Blackjack Online the shorts are fine all year round and the venting works on descents to stop you ‘boiling in the bag’. The stretch fabric panels help to keep easy mobility and allow the shorts to be both baggy enough for knee pads (and looking DH) yet slim enough not to catch the crotch on your saddle. They’ve got proper ‘hands in your pockets, pockets which zip up and side adjusting tabs to get the fit just right. If you don’t know your size in Endura shorts try a pair on before buying as I find I take a size smaller than with other brands.

More details here on the Endura site.