Here’s some of the feedback that people have sent in after riding on Great Rock days.

“It’s taken a while perhaps but the last few times I’ve been out I reckon things have ‘clicked’. Been getting there since the 1-2-1 but feel like things have come together now. Not going to trouble any KOMs and it doesn’t always go right but I’m way quicker than I’ve ever been going downhill. And the relaxing has been the key. And keeping the chin up of course.

Feel like I’m getting so much more out of my riding as a result. I know everyone gives feedback in the ‘afterglow’ of a course but I thought you should know of the ‘long-term effects’ too. Basque next year I reckon.” Matt

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Stop Crashing 1 has definitely had a positive impact on my riding. Went out riding last night – not wildly technical riding, what a difference looking a bit further ahead makes!

Anyway, am generally feeling more in control and less like a passenger – there’s still room for improvement, things I need to work at, tweak a bit and practice more (mostly to do with timing, I think), but so far it’s all very positive. Will be looking at dates for Stop Crashing 2 in the near future!” Glyn


Hebden Bridge

“The best money I’ve spent on a mountain bike was learning to ride it properly. By the end of the morning I was riding stuff properly that I would previously have balked at. Highly recommended.”  Gordon

“I felt boosted and confident enough to ride a drop-off that was definitely on the rad side of awesomeness.” Dave Haygarth, who writes up the skills day that he came on with a bunch of his mates, here in his blog www.minellium.com


There’s another great write up of a Great Rock skills day here on www.mudandgears.com

“I went  for a Stop Crashing day with Ed and can’t recommend him enough! Great teacher.. very patient.. and highly knowledgeable. I went to fine tune my riding and build confidence in my own ability a little more rather than learn new things… and ended up riding smoother and faster on tricky sections than I thought possible.. as well as riding a few sections I would have otherwise not ridden.”  Ia

“Just a quick message to say thanks for a great day in Hebden Bridge. I learned loads and feel much more confident and ready to ride the trails with a lot more control.”  Matt

“After doing the Stop Crashing courses last year I’d managed to get rid of a lot of bad habits, like just letting the bike do the work though the bumpy stuff and the Flow course built nicely onto this. Time on the trail being a valuable comodity we tend not to session features and ride instead from A to B taking in as many sweet bits as possible. The Flow course made me realise the value of finding a feature or section and sessioning it to improve the ‘flow’ through it, much as I did as a kid. Also new found confidence in the air has been great fun, not quite going for the full on hop out of the lip as yet but we did spend a couple of hours on the local (gentle) jump site last night which I haven’t done for years.” Jef

“The Flow course was great, you have changed the way I ride quite considerably. I am looking ahead, moving my hips, letting the bike move fluidly underneath me and generally riding with more confidence. There are steps near my house that I have ridden down for years and it has always been hit and miss as to whether I’ll make it, whereas now I just ride down them smoothly and in control. You are an inspirational instructor and I have and will be recommending you to everyone I know.”  Jonty

Hebden Bridge

“Ed really is great I think I learned more in one day and improved my riding more than I have in the past fifteen years. I’m actually looking forward to rocky trails now rather than just bricking it. Magic. Can’t reccomend it highly enough.”  Raoul

“Went on our normal 12 mile loop last night and the difference was stupid – a lot of ‘told you so’ from my other half.  Actually felt part of my bike instead of something stuck on the top of it ” Mirriam

“Hi Ed, just thought Id drop you a line to say thanks for the great Flow weekend. I learned some great techniques and formulas for making me much smoother in the way I ride. Im now seeing how little I knew of ‘good technique’ as opposed to hanging on and getting through a techy downhill. It’s been a really worthwhile experience and I’m sure it will show over the next few months as I put it all in to practice.” Nathan

 You have a nice and easy, non-pressure manner about you that I like, enhanced by your ability to pass on your skills.  I will have no hesitation in recommending ‘Jumps for Dads’ to anyone that asks me how it went today.” Steve

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for running such a great Flow course over this weekend. I think I learnt more over those 2 days than I have in the last 2 years of biking! My confidence is now much improved and I will definitely be putting it all into practice over the next few weeks. I think the great revelation for me was just how little you need to brake if you get your body into the right position, look far enough ahead and really feel what the bike is doing.” Graeme

“I enjoyed your teaching style – the way you combine the demonstration with the explanation to build a mental picture really helps, and I am looking forward to practicing the techniques you showed us – hopefully the next time you see me you’ll notice some improvement!” Phil

“Spot on two days; thoroughly enjoyed it and I will pump the ass of the donkey on every trail I ever ride, whether on you tube or not!” Matt