That’s where I’ve spent a good part of the last three days, riding the new Ragley titanium hardtail. It’s the first new bike from Brant Richards’ (formerly On One) new and as yet un-named brand. I was lucky enough to be the first person to ride the new bike and I’ve been enjoying the dry conditions and riding miles of the best Calderdale trails. The sun has been shining and the best thing about it all is that this is work!

The photo above is my 16″ Ragley and because it hasn’t got the proper cable and hose guides yet on I’m not showing a proper picture. I’ll get some photos tomorrow when it’s looking just right.

I went up to Hardcastle Crags today with Brant to meet Guy Kesteven and Russel Burton from What Mountain Bike, to show the bikes and get some photos taken. Go to Brant’s Shedfire website to see a photo and for links to other pics of the 18″ Ragley