In the last week I’ve been lucky enough to ride a bunch of different bikes. Here’s Singletrack’s Orange Blood test bike. Yes it is a lot of fun, like a mini downhill bike – but without all the weight. Yes it is pink and yes I have started to appreciate the colour clashes that it incorporates. Great at Lee Quarry on the rocks, jumps and berms as well as on the technical trails of Calderdale.

Next up is the Kona Stab Supreme, a full on downhill race bike. It’s long and heavy and loves going fast. I’ve had a good day today riding it down at Wharncliffe on the DH tracks. Needless to say it ate the trails and loved the drops and jumps. This is a Singletrack long term test bike and will be ridden by Matt when he is back at full strength after breaking his ankle whilst out on his first ride on this very bike. I was relieved to survive the day intact!

And now for something completely different. I did a one to one skills day last week with Jeff who rides a rigid 29er singlespeed and decided to join him on the same kind of bike.

Chipps let me borrow his Surly Karate Monkey and fully rigid Jeff and myself spent time in loose rock, on the berms and on some of the rock slabs of the Black route at Lee Quarry. The rigid bikes were fine on all of these trails and here’s Jeff to prove it. He even looks almost happy, or maybe it just the vibration 🙂