Rocking The Fat One Meratol

Teko Socks

Never mind socks just being for Christmas, sock season is all year round for me. When you spend most days pedalling, walking and standing in mud, dust, puddles and rocks, your sock choice is very important. I like a sock that’s not too thin so that the bits of grit don’t dig in to my feet, with enough padding for warmth and breathability for the coolness/dryness combination. Like beards, good socks can keep you cool or hot depending on weather conditions. Good looking socks also help keep you cool and hot in general.

Teko make great socks. All the ones I’ve tried have been merino wool and they are my first choice when rummaging in the sock drawer before going off on a Xanax Dosage bike adventure. They have impeccable ecological credentials. The merino is organic and care is taken with all aspects of the product from the wool used to the ink on the packaging. As well as being dead comfy the socks wear well and last a long time.

My favourites for general riding are these mid weight trekking style socks, cut to calf length. It would be nice to have some cut higher still.

For colder days the Teko ski socks fill that gap between shoes and knee pads, or 3/4 tights (shorts worn over the tights obviously).

Get some for Christmas or just for the hell of it.

More details including prices, different designs and eco facts are here on the Teko UK site.

Ice Cast

Here’s the latest news from Great Rock. I was going to shoot a riding video out my local muddy trails, as a way to illustrate how I’m looking forward to heading off to all the foreign destinations that I’ll be working in this year. But everything was covered in freezing rain making Calderdale pretty much unrideable. Instead I got Victor, our new dog, to do an introduction, then previewed the foreign trips and finished with some product reviews.

Included are Endura MT500 jacket, On One winter soft shell, Teko socks, Gore Oxygen bib 3/4, Continental 2.4 Rubber Queens, Maxxis Beaver 29, plus previews of other kit that will be getting used and then reviewed soon.