On-One Super Deluxe Merino Cardigan


I like stealth clothes, especially if they don’t look like sporty, tracky, tacky gear. Even better if they are made of Merino. You’ve heard the hype, Merino helps you to be less stinky, keeps you warm and makes you sexy. Two of these are true.

I wanted to wear all skinny black clothes to fit the vibes of my new video, The Chop, and this top was perfect. Nice also that it kept me warm whilst filming in the autumn drizzle with just a base layer underneath.

I like that they call it what it is, a Performer5 cardigan and I like that for what it is, the price is cheap. What more can I say? It’s a lovely top that looks sharp with an understated design, it fits well, seems to be hard wearing and can be unzipped to show off your chest. There are no rear jersey pockets, but there is a small zipped packet on the hip. I’ve got a couple of other On One Merino base layers and have worn them loads because I like them and they haven’t dropped to bits.


£39.99 from On One. More details here.

On One 456 Evo2


I wanted a bike to use for my new video, The Chop, that would fit in with the style and feel of what I was trying to achieve. I needed something rusty that would look at home in a workshop with a vintage motorcycle, as well as hanging on a traditional barber’s shop wall. It also needed to be a good bike that I could enjoy riding confidently on Hebden Bridge trails! Having not ridden a hardtail since last winter I was a bit worried about using one for my new video. I mean who wants to ride a hardtail anymore, especially one with 26 inch wheels? When it came to it though I loved riding the 456. Great angles for confident descending and easy climbing combined with a top build kit of Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes, Reverb seat post, Lyrik 160mm fork and Mavic Crossmax SX wheels set up with tubeless tyres.  Plus it slid around all the time, looked like something that I’d stolen, whizzed round corners and made me laugh.

Brand new

Brand new

To get the look I wanted, I first got hold of a brand new and lovely looking raw finished frame and stripped the clear coat off it. It felt like a ridiculous thing to be doing. I masked off just the down tube decals and used paint stripper to loosen up the coating and start the stripping. Then with a knife and wire wool I rubbed the surface to remove most of the clear coat. I wanted to leave some so that the surface would not look too uniform. Finally I washed the frame with strong bleach so that rust could quickly start its attack! I built the bike up straight way and started riding it. After riding and leaving it wet outside for a couple of payday loan debt days the bike had a nice patina of rust and was ready for filming.

Paint stripper on

Paint stripper on

To start with I felt like I was learning to ride again. I’ve been riding a Titus El Guapo and On One Codeine for the last year. Both are good full suspension bikes that can tackle anything and I’ve enjoyed riding them at home and abroad. Soon I adjusted, started using my legs and riding the fork. I enjoyed the hardtail in the same way that I enjoyed riding the On One Fatty last winter. It just has a different stance. It doesn’t have as much grip, isn’t as fast or as comfortable but it is a lot of fun. Riding bikes is not always about performance and efficiency. We ride for different reasons. Often I ride just to escape from the day to day, to feel alive and blast about in the woods. It matters little whether I am 2.3 seconds quicker than the last time I had fun. I am not anti new technology and I love bikes that make riding faster and give me more options. I just don’t want to ride the same thing all the time. It’s a bit like going for a ride without a pack and not telling anyone where you’re going. It doesn’t make the most sense, but at the same time it makes all the sense in the world.

I’m going to ride the bike some more actually and not because it makes a good winter bike with its lack of bearings etc. I’m going to ride it because it makes me chuckle and I like the way that it’s so anti-fashion. Obviously I still have the option to take my other bikes out when I want to live in reality. What do you think?


The Chop

Well here it is, the new Great Rock film made with Whitenosugar Productions. We showed it at Kendal Mountain Festival Bike Night on Friday, which I was presenting for the third year. Steve Peat, the special guest on the night said he liked it, but he wasn’t sure what the ending meant! Stu Thomson, who made the Danny Macaskill film ‘Imaginate’ said it was weird. What can I say? Make of it what you will. I really hope you enjoy it, it’s just what I wanted it to be. Let me know what you think.

Bike Trip

Early summer and I’m tripping through electronic cigarette drops the bluebells on Hebden Bridge trails.

Rocking The Fat One

http://vimeo.com/57949235 Meratol

On-One Ribbed Protector Gloves

They’ve got a pervy name and come at a cheap trick price (about £12.50 I believe). These are windproof, medium weight winter gloves which are not too bulky to wear and so don’t compromise feel at the controls. I wore them yesterday for a chilly ride up and over Snowdon. We went from about 10ºC in the car park to near freezing at the summit. There was snow on the ground as we set off into our descent down the Ranger’s Path. I get pretty cold hands and so was pleased that, even though these gloves are not full on winter weight, my fingers stayed warm. Added warmth does come from the longer wrist and I was also happy with the ample snot wiping area on the thumbs.

You can’t have too many pairs of gloves for the variety of conditions we get in the UK and I always ride with a spare pair of gloves in my pack. Even if it’s just for the final stretch home at the end of a night ride, a fresh, dry pair of gloves is always a morale booster. These gloves are inexpensive and ideal to keep in a dry bag at the bottom of your pack.

More details here on the On-One site.

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