Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley : Part Two from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s the second in the series of skills videos shot on the trails I use for proextender turkey skills courses at Gisburn Forest. Everyone wants to jump and feel some air below them. If you’re interested in getting up there then check out the Jumps for Dads course.

New Gisburn Forest ‘Hope Line’ video

I was really happy to take part in the making of this video made by Tim Royle from Whitenosugar Productions. The trails in the video are the ones that I use for lots of my courses. The Hope line, sponsored by Hope Technology, is used for ‘Jumps for Dads’ and the ‘Flow’. The tight woodland singletrack of ‘Homebaked’ is used on ‘Stop Crashing 2’, as well as ‘Flow’ and is a brilliant place for developing better cornering and pump technique.

The other riders in the video are Dan and Ben Hemmingway, riding (and building) the Hope Line. Tim Gridley, from Gisburn Bikes AKA The Dog & Partridge and Dart from Hope are the other two.

Jumps for Dads course

The new Jumps for Dads skills courses have been going down a treat. Bunny hops, slow speed drops, faster drops and table top jumps have all been aired by the dads. Here’s a video from yesterday’s course.

Mike from The Cycle Junction using his drop off technique to ride some big rock steps.