Rear wheel lifts

The ‘rear wheel lift’ technique is covered in the Stop Crashing 2 course along with the ‘manual’.

This is the 4th mountain bike skills video in a series of 5 shot and edited by Tim from Whitenosugar Productions. All Viagra 100mg the videos were shot on the new new skills loop at the Gisburn Forest Trail Hub.

These videos make great reminders for people who have been on my skills courses and worked through the techniques in more practical detail.

Pumping the trail

One of the most important techniques in mountain biking, whether you’re riding trail centres or natural trails. It’s a technique that a lot of people get wrong or just don’t do at all. This video online poker using debit cards should give you a general idea of the technique, but to really make sure you are doing it properly book on to a Stop Crashing 2, Flow or Jumps course. It will revolutionise your riding.


Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley : Part Two from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s the second in the series of skills videos shot on the trails I use for proextender turkey skills courses at Gisburn Forest. Everyone wants to jump and feel some air below them. If you’re interested in getting up there then check out the Jumps for Dads course.

Riding berms

Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

This is the first in a series of short skills videos shot on the new trails at Gisburn Forest. I’ve tried to keep it clear and simple in the videos to give a flavour of the skills shown. If you want to know more, the best thing to do is come for a skills session. Have a look at the courses that I offer at Gisburn which use the trails you see proactol dosage in these videos.

I’ve been running skills courses at Gisburn for as long as the trails have been there. It’s great to see the place evolving with new sections into one of the UK’s top trail centres. I run the Stop Crashing courses here as well as Flow and Jumps for Dads.

The video was shot and edited by Tim from Whitenosugar Productions. I’ve made a few videos with Tim before including Edventure, Hurstwood Mountain Bike Trail and Keep it Local.

1 to 1 days at Gisburn Forest

As well as running all the open group courses, I offer the same courses or a mixture of courses as private 1 to 1 days at Gisburn Forest or on the natural tech trails of Hebden Bridge.

Black line Swoopy

Black line Swoopy


Today I had a session at Gisburn Forest with Andrew who wanted me to take a general look over his riding. He also wanted to specifically look at riding drop offs, learn to bunny hop and look at improving the way he is riding steep rocky roll ins.

In terms of which course this would be, we looked at elements of ‘Stop Crashing’ on the blue trails around the new car park, to get a better body position and start pumping the trail. Then we went onto sharpening up the way Andrew was taking the corners on the new Snakey trail that is now the start to the full Gisburn Loop. Next we looked at stuff that would be covered in ‘Flow’ and got the basics of the bunny hop and worked up to hitting the drops on the Hope Line and looking at different way of riding the steep rock faced features on Swoopy. It’s safe to say that Andrew was pretty chuffed with what he was riding and the way he was riding it by the end of the day.

Drop off

Drop off

If you want to do something similar to this as a private 1 to 1 or group day, get in touch and we can look at dates and cost.

Pumping the trail

Pump Technique from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

There are a couple of great new trails up at Gisburn Forest and I’ve just started running skills courses on them. Being able to pump the trail is an essential skill for generating speed, being in control and having the most fun Viagra Online on any trails. The new trails are great for learning and practicing these skills.

This short video shows some of the guys on a ‘Stop Crashing 2’ course yesterday getting to grips with the technique. You can see you they are in control over the rollers and accelerating. Fun times!