Endura MT500 Spray Pant


No, they’re not spray on. Nor are they for spraying in! These are an amazing pair of long trousers for colder weather riding.

As well as for going on colder rides I find them ideal for wearing on skills days when I’m doing a mix of riding and standing around teaching. The seat is waterproof and the rest is softshell so you get decent arse protection from puddles and wet ground in general, but they are not too hot for riding in. Neither are they plastic feeling like some waterproofs and the fabric is rustle free and dead comfy.


The lower legs are gusseted and zip down to be slim at the ankle and so they don’t interfere with pedaling. I sized down to get a good waist and leg length and so mine are a HGH bit slim to wear with knee pads underneath. With a larger size, knee pads probably fit. Best to buy from a shop where you can try on a couple of sizes. They’ve got proper, stick your hands in pockets, with zips as well as a smattering of reflective tabs for when you are on roads at night. As well as a great pair of mountain bike keks they would also be super commuter wear.

I wore my pair when I was shooting ‘The Chop’, my latest video, in a mixture of day and night riding in rainy, muddy conditions. They also made a good pair of trousers that I felt happy going for a haircut at North West Barber Co. in. Shame they chopped my head off!

RRP is £99.99 More details on the Endura site.

Endura Downhill Shorts

Yes they are the same as the Hope shorts that Guy Martin seems to live in. Endura make these for Hope but now have also released them with their own branding. Although great for uplift assisted riding these heavy duty shorts are also just right for riding uphill, across hill and back down again. A bit hot in the summer, but on colder days the thicker ‘Oxford canvas’ material is welcome and it even keeps water out for a bit, making these probably the best UK night riding shorts you can get. The material is tough and you will probably be in hospital before you rip these shorts up! For downhilling Blackjack Online the shorts are fine all year round and the venting works on descents to stop you ‘boiling in the bag’. The stretch fabric panels help to keep easy mobility and allow the shorts to be both baggy enough for knee pads (and looking DH) yet slim enough not to catch the crotch on your saddle. They’ve got proper ‘hands in your pockets, pockets which zip up and side adjusting tabs to get the fit just right. If you don’t know your size in Endura shorts try a pair on before buying as I find I take a size smaller than with other brands.

More details here on the Endura site.

Endura Urban Range

Tested in Nice, Hebden Bridge and in the mountains.

I first saw the Endura Urban Range at Core Bike Show and thought it looked pretty swish. I like bike clothes that look like normal clothes rather than ‘sportswear’. Even though it’s designed and aimed at people riding in the urban environment the Urban range makes great mountain biking kit too.

The merino polo shirt is good enough to wear out on the town for the evening and I first tested it in an Italian restaurant environment. Performance was good. It’s a neat, slim fitting top with an understated style, ideal for a stylish gentleman like me. Out on the bike it’s practical like any merino top with the added bonus of looking chipper.

Urbane in the mountains

The shorts are slimmer, rather than baggy fitting which is my the best penis enlargement pills preferred style and has the advantage of not flapping around, especially when wet. The material is light and stretchy making them spot on for riding and they are wide enough in the leg to wear with knee pads if you desire. They even come with a belt.

Town and country

I’ve also got the waterproof ‘Urban Shell’ which is very simple and therefore also very light and packable. It has a subtle dog tooth pattern to it as well as having reflective strips that are only hi viz when they need to be. There is a hood which is always a good thing to have if you venture into the proper mountains or when walking to the Coop for a pint of milk.

For more details and to check out the rest of the range look here.

Ice Cast

Here’s the latest news from Great Rock. I was going to shoot a riding video out my local muddy trails, as a way to illustrate how I’m looking forward to heading off to all the foreign destinations that I’ll be working in this year. But everything was covered in freezing rain making Calderdale pretty much unrideable. Instead I got Victor, our new dog, to do an introduction, then previewed the foreign trips and finished with some product reviews.

Included are Endura MT500 jacket, On One winter soft shell, Teko socks, Gore Oxygen bib 3/4, Continental 2.4 Rubber Queens, Maxxis Beaver 29, plus previews of other kit that will be getting used and then reviewed soon.


Endura Deluge Gloves

Photo Benji Haworth.

I’ve never rated waterproof gloves, as water always seems to just come in at the wrist to soak down towards your hands. These gloves from Endura have changed my mind. There’s a waterproof cuff that goes up your sleeve and it’s remarkably effective, both at keeping water out and at keeping you warmer by keeping the cold wind off your wrists. There’s a waterproof membrane inside the gloves, but don’t worry it’s not one of those stupid ones that gets turned inside out when you take the gloves off. The outer material is stretchy, which combined with the lack of bulk means you can still feel what you’re doing with brakes and shifters as well as with jacket zips. There’s gel padding on the palms which is comfy and doesn’t add bulk. The only thing I don’t like is the snot wiper, which is on the index finger rather than thumb and is a bit of a thin strip. It’s not a deal breaker, but there could be a bit more material here. Even though they’re not heavy weight, the gloves are still well insulated. I’ve been happy wearing them in the wet and windy, as well as the frozen days of winter.  Windproof, waterproof and warm. Brilliant. RRP is £35.99 which seems like a bargain to me. Here are the Deluge gloves on the Endura site.