Commuter Cast

Coming soon is another video featuring the Decade Tripster where with a change of tyres it becomes a road bike, rather than commuter/cyclocrosser. It really is a versatile vessel and I just couldn’t resist seeing if I could just go out and do a road century.

I’ve had great fun riding this “not a mountain bike”. It has certainly made a change from what I’m used to, so much so that I’m going to keep on riding it and will be on the Tripster for the “Get Cross” skills day.

There will also be more written reviews coming onto the site featuring some of the components and essentials that I’ve been using whilst riding the Tripster. These will include Continental ‘Cyclocross’ and ‘Grand Prix’ road tyres, Lezyne accessories, Shutt Velo Rapide jersey and BBB bib shorts.

Cyclocross Skills Day

I’m very proud to be running this day with Alan and Dave who are both very experienced cyclocross racers and Three Peaks obsessives. The course is suitable for cyclocross racers as well as people who have a ‘cross bike and would just like to learn how to ride it better.

Further details and how to book this course are here

Funny Bikes

Not a bad office….Jenn living the freelance dream

Had a couple of long cyclocross rides in the last week. I’d never ridden one before and expected them to be rubbish on anything but smooth tracks. How wrong I was, they are a hoot to ride. Get in the drops, get your weight over the front, let the brakes off and you can ride all sorts of stuff. Even steps! I was also surprised that I only got the one pinch flat.

‘Slopestyle Nial’ in lycra

I don’t know that I’d want to race on one, but I loved the way these bikes cover a long distance mixing up the road, pack horse track, singletrack and exciting rock sections. They were the kind of bikes that had me dreaming up long distance adventures and they make even the most familiar trails exciting again.

Ready for Race – The Food of Champions

I took Nial out on a 5 1/2 hour Calderdale epic ride. His verdict was that they were, “the best unnatural bikes I’ve ridden”. I think this means that, even though they don’t have a slack head angle and super tacky tyres, these bikes are still a lot of fun.

Up above…well everywhere really

The trails are bone dry and very fast at the moment, but I think it would have also been good in the mud, with the skinny tyres and light weight of these bikes.

Descending into Luddenden Dean

We were both pretty tired by the time we got back to Mooch for some cake. In fact Nial was quite broken and we had to call for mum to uplift him out of the valley and back home. I went in the van too to keep him company.

DO NOT put me back on my bike