A great email published in the latest MBUK from one of our guests who came on the Backcountry Pyrenees skills trip back in October. As he says here, he re-booked to come again straight away.

2016 Basque & Pyrenees dates

All dates and details for the 2016 trips are out now. Click on the Trips heading above.

2015 has been the best year so far for the Great Rock trips run in partnership with Basque MTB. All the trips have a mountain bike skills element, which adds to the overall feel of the holiday without making it into a “skills clinic”.

Each day we spend up to an hour sessioning a section of trail or developing a riding technique. The rest of the day is spent riding, but all the time riders are under the eye of Ed, the skills trainer and Doug, the head guide. There is plenty of opportunity to follow or by followed by both of them and the feedback is that this really helps riders to progress their skills, flow over the trails better and take on new challenges.


We have three different trips.

The spring Backcountry Pyrenees has longer hours of daylight for more time on the bikes and concentrates on slightly lower altitude trails on mainly south facing slopes.

The autumn Backcountry Pyrenees trips take us higher into the High Pyrenees, with uplifts regularly taking us up over 2000m.

In the summer we run trips in the Basque Country on and near to the coast. Here the trails are shorter in length but rich in their technicality, beautiful ocean views and always close to the amazing Basque gastronomy to keep body and soul together.

On the Basque coast trips guests stay in one place and enjoy more off the bike time whereas the Backcountry trips involve more driving and staying in different accommodations. If you’ve seen the social media feeds then you know that we like to ride hard and eat well. Every year a good proportion of guests rebook to return again which we think is a great testament to the quality of both the riding, social atmosphere and great food that we like to share.

All photos by Douglas McDonald

Backcountry Pyrenees video

I’m just back from another successful Backcountry Pyrenees trip. On this holiday we travel by van to different riding locations each day for 6 days of singletrack  riding and skills progression. The variety is astonishing on this trip with each day seeing us riding very different trails in visually and geologically different areas. Most days have some van uplift as well as pedalling and we also run a skills session for a part of each day. There is plenty of time spent riding and lots of opportunities for good eating and drinking at the end of the day.

This trip is different from the Basque Skills Trip, which is based near the coast, in credit check payday loan that we travel more, see a wider variety of areas and have less uplift overall.

If you want more uplift, more food and less travelling the Basque Skills Trip is the one. If you want to see more remote parts of the pre-Pyrenees, ride very different trails each day and are happy with a bit more pedalling then the Backcountry Pyrenees is for you. Of course we change the trails each time on all our trips to make it fun for people who might want to come more than once and more fun for ourselves. Our high level of repeat bookings is testament to the quality of these holidays and we’re very proud of this!