Happy people not crashing!

There are now 2 levels to the popular Stop Crashing course. I decided to make the course progress over 2 days, that can be done together over a weekend, or be done as separate days with time to ride and practice in between.

Level 1 will really focus on getting body position on the bikes sorted. We will have plenty of time to learn how to start ‘pumping the trail’. There will also be chance to get to grips with the trackstand, which has a relevance to all aspects of bike handling as well as just being able to look cool at the traffic lights.

Level 2 will take things up to the next level and explore how to lift the front and rear wheels using the skills learnt in Level 1. There will be time to review the skills from Level 1.

Both levels will include having plenty of fun riding bikes and building confidence. More details and dates are to be found by clicking the Stop crashing tab above.