Threading the Needle. Riding the tech on the Rangers'

I went to ride Snowdon the week before last. The voluntary ban on mountain bikes is now lifted for the autumn and winter, which means that one of the best descents around is open for business again. It’s an annual ‘must do’ ride for me.

NukeProof Mega getting the photo shoot treatment

I was lucky enough to be riding the NukeProof Mega, which was on test for Singletrack. It’s one of only 2 in the world at the moment and will be exclusively reviewed in Singletrack magazine in issue 61, out any day now. It is a fantastic bike and just felt built for this ride. We stopped part way down to take photos of the bike and for everyone to have a play on the Mega through some of the tech section.

Liver, bacon, onions, chips and gravy. AND LOTS OF IT

You can’t ride Snowdon without going to re-load afterwards at Pete’s Eats in Llanberis. I enjoyed a particularly hearty meal with a pint of tea, while my friends Jon and Seb had a more modest snack. I had to phone home as we headed back to say that I wouldn’t be needing any tea.

Jon having a go on the Mega