I was up at Lee Quarry today with Cy from Cotic, Brant from Ragley and Benji from Singletrack. We were riding the XC, Trials and DH sections from the upcoming Singletrack Classic Weekender. There will be 3 race sections over the weekend which you ride all on the one bike. Good idea don’t you think? Just like back in the good old days. Have a look on the Singletrack website for details.

We had a play on the trials sections which will be located in the skills area. We had mixed success riding against the clock and for the video camera and as the red mist came down we had a couple of spills and fails. Brant claimed crash of the day with his wheelie drop off the see saw. The image of him looping the loop and landing flat on his arse, still clipped in, will never leave my memory. Cy and Benji are enjoying the video replay in the photo above. Brant is savouring the endorphin rush below.

Brant will be the commentator for the event and Cy will be racing. Probably going faster than most people will be Rowan Sorrell, downhill racer and the man responsible for building the jumps and berms up at Lee Quarry.