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      Gift Vouchers

      from £10.00

      You can now buy a gift of a Great Rock skills day for your loved one or best pal. Vouchers are in card form so that you have something to hand over for the special occasion. £85 will get a place on one of the open group days or you can go mental and give a gift of a one to one skills day for £220 (weekdays)

    • Starting Out

      Currently unavailable

      A mountain biking skills course for beginners run at Gisburn Forest trail centre. 9.30 to 15.30 with a good lunch break where we go to a cafe

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      Stop Crashing


      Stop Crashing is for the mountain biker who wants to get the essentials of riding right. Confidence can be built or restored by mastering some of the basics that might have been missing from your riding. Balance, steering and good active body position on the bike will bring more flow to your riding and will lay the foundations for smoother and faster riding which is more fun.