Nigel on the Black 4X section near the Slab

Went up to Gisburn with Nigel Page yesterday to ride the trails and start planning our skills weekend of 16-17th January. Brant, the Ragley Bikes and Nukeproof designer, came with us too, all in the spirit of R&D. The weather was grim with a gale blowing and lashings of rain. Some of the more exposed trails were hard going so it’s a good job that I’m building some new features in the cover of the woods for the January weekend to complement what is already there. There are a lot of new developments happening up at Gisburn and the scope for future Great Rock skills courses is rapidly expanding.

“This is shit”

Brant got a bit cold and wet and didn’t like the climb up to Whelpstone Crag. He did like the volunteer section in the lower loop and Nigel gave us a mini workshop in how to do cutties while we were down there. If you don’t know what cutties are, they are sharp 90 degree turns where you skid the back wheel using pressure through the pedals. No brakes involved. Expect this to be included in the January weekend along with drops, jumps, bunny hops, cornering, pumping etc.

Pagey rides an Intense Tracer….quite well

and he has a nice company van

In other news I bought some new Straitline pedals because Nigel told me my pedals were shit.                                                        They are very GRIPPY

….and I was given this T shirt for my efforts as a new volunteer trail builder. Beard not included