Now this is one steep roll in, but you can ride your bike straight down it.


All you have to do is:

  2. Bend your knees and get your weight low and back, but don’t make your arms too straight and rigid.
  3. RELAX
  4. Let go of those brakes
  5. WOOP like a Viking when you rule that roll in.


There I go. Notice the trees are vertical; none of that tilting the camera to make it look steeper.

You use exactly the same technique for riding any steep slope. You don’t have to go so far off the back of the bike when it’s less steep and remember, stay loose and don’t lock your arms out, or you’ll lose your control.  Have you got that? Get on your bike and go and do it then.


…..and there goes Nial giving it some moto style over the double.

You can find this roll in and the double jump at Gisburn Forest right next to the xc trail. Photos by Tim Kershaw and Benji Haworth.