Planning The Skills Week With Great Rock from BasqueMTB on Vimeo.

Here’s Doug’s reply to my request for trails to run some skills sessions on during our holiday week. The Basque riding look fantastic with its mixture of smooth, rough, sandy, loamy, leafy, rocky, tight and open trails. There is a lot of variety in this landscape with plenty of opportunity to have fun and progress riding skills. Whether it’s stopping to work out how to ride a tricky feature, or the practice that comes from putting it all together on a long descent, this is a perfect location.

We will be making use of all the video technology we have between the two of us to help give rider feedback as part of the skills sessions that I will be leading during the week. It’s amazing how just looking at how we ride a section and getting some pointers from me can really make something click and move your riding on a step.

It won’t be all about skills during the week. This is a holiday after all and we will be doing plenty of riding, guided by Doug, as well as relaxing and enjoying the lovely surroundings. I’m loving the look of the pool at the accommodation, with it’s views out to the coastline and the ocean beyond. The options for the debrief sessions look pretty enticing as well. I’ve sampled that Basque cider and it’s a lovely refreshing drink with a special ‘after buzz’. Yum.