I like stealth clothes, especially if they don’t look like sporty, tracky, tacky gear. Even better if they are made of Merino. You’ve heard the hype, Merino helps you to be less stinky, keeps you warm and makes you sexy. Two of these are true.

I wanted to wear all skinny black clothes to fit the vibes of my new video, The Chop, and this top was perfect. Nice also that it kept me warm whilst filming in the autumn drizzle with just a base layer underneath.

I like that they call it what it is, a Performer5 cardigan and I like that for what it is, the price is cheap. What more can I say? It’s a lovely top that looks sharp with an understated design, it fits well, seems to be hard wearing and can be unzipped to show off your chest. There are no rear jersey pockets, but there is a small zipped packet on the hip. I’ve got a couple of other On One Merino base layers and have worn them loads because I like them and they haven’t dropped to bits.


£39.99 from On One. More details here.