They’ve got a pervy name and come at a cheap trick price (about £12.50 I believe). These are windproof, medium weight winter gloves which are not too bulky to wear and so don’t compromise feel at the controls. I wore them yesterday for a chilly ride up and over Snowdon. We went from about 10ºC in the car park to near freezing at the summit. There was snow on the ground as we set off into our descent down the Ranger’s Path. I get pretty cold hands and so was pleased that, even though these gloves are not full on winter weight, my fingers stayed warm. Added warmth does come from the longer wrist and I was also happy with the ample snot wiping area on the thumbs.

You can’t have too many pairs of gloves for the variety of conditions we get in the UK and I always ride with a spare pair of gloves in my pack. Even if it’s just for the final stretch home at the end of a night ride, a fresh, dry pair of gloves is always a morale booster. These gloves are inexpensive and ideal to keep in a dry bag at the bottom of your pack.

More details here on the On-One site.

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