I’ve just started to offer a new, additional location for the Stop Crashing level 1 course. This combines riding the man made trails at Hurstwood and the natural trails of Hebden Bridge. I’ve been running this course at Gisburn Forest trail centre for over 3 years and will continue to run courses there as well as at the new venue. The new course starts with a morning on the flowy ¬†blue grade trails at Hurstwood near Burnley, which is a 20 minute drive from Hebden Bridge. We start by looking at good body position on the bike, both whilst doing ¬†trackstands as well as when cornering. Hurstwood has lots of rollers and berms and is an excellent place for learning and progressing skills.


We drive over to Hebden Bridge for a cafe lunch and then head out onto rocky natural trails. Here we develop the skills of weighting and unweighting the bike for a smoother, more controlled and faster ride. We also look at good braking technique, line choice and other essentials.

Rocky trails

It has been known that we end the day with a pint.

mmmm beer

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