Here’s a video from a reconnaissance ride that Benji Haworth and myself went on last week for our upcoming ‘Stop Taking Crap Photos’ course. We wanted big hills with good riding and great landscape views, and we knew just where to go. Setting off from Coniston we had a great Lake District ride up and over Walna Scar Road to Stephenson Ground. Our aim was to scout locations and brew up ideas, as well as having a good day’s riding and getting some photos and video. Video is ace. Photography is ace. They each do a different job as you can see from this short edit.

We didn’t see many people during our day out, apart from a paraglider who nearly landed on us and a fellow ‘high trails’ mountain biker, who serendipitously rode into one of our set up video shots.

If you’ve got the photography bug but are finding it hard to achieve worthwhile photos during your group rides this course is for you. You’ve got yourself a nice camera. A new digital SLR that is more than capable of shooting high quality images. You want to be getting more than just ‘snaps’. You want to be taking striking, evocative, exciting photographs.

For more info on the course click on Stop Taking Crap Photos under the Courses tab above.