This has become my favourite helmet. It’s well vented and I’ve ridden loads this summer, both in the UK and Spain so I know it works. The padding is light but not flimsy and has been through the wash a few times without falling apart. Billed as ‘All Mountain’, I’d say it fits the ‘Mountain Biking’ that I do which includes riding around up hills, around them and down. The fit is just right for my head and it stays in place without being too tight or loose. Perhaps most Semenax important is that it looks good. Styling is up to date with clean and simple graphics, quality of finish is good and the paint is a matt colour. Also available in ‘I’m not shy yellow’ and also dark grey. At a RRP of £80 I think it’s decent value as well.


I received the helmet along with a bunch of other Mavic clothing earlier in the summer. The jerseys in particular are really good and hard wearing. My favourites are the simple, one colour designs. More details from Mavic UK.