I was recently sent one of these Booicore changing robes. It’s just perfect for mountain bikers who need to get changed out of riding kit in car parks and at trail centres, often wet through and covered in mud.

Now he really needs a Booicore

I’ve shown my hairy arse to too many unsuspecting members of the public. Luckily this will happen no more now I’ve got a Booicore. In fact I liked it so much, I thought I’d become a Booicore retailer and I’ve bought a box of them. I think it makes the perfect gift for the mountain biker who has everything else. It’s blue, it’s well made from thick towelling, it even has a pocket for your keys and phone, it could save your life and it’s available to buy from me for £29.99 with free 1st class postage.

If you want one just email me at ed@great-rock.co.uk and I’ll send you payment details and get you sorted.

Thanks to Benji Haworth for the photo. He always seems to be around when I’m getting buff.

Here’s the Booicore site.