Jon and me riding it Hebden style

I went to Greece last week for four days of riding and feasting. I was invited by Fotis ‘The Face’, who is responsible for introducing Ragley bikes to Greece, with a view to leading mountain bike skills courses and organising winter sun trips out there in the future. I went with Jon from Singletrack and another aim of the trip was to write a feature for Singletrack Magazine on the Greek mountain bike scene. The riding and the people we met were both fantastic and you will be able to read about it in issue 63 of Singletrack. Not everything worked out to plan though as Jon had his laptop stolen, when we got back to the UK, which had the only copies of all the photos and video on it.

There are a couple more photos from George Papantoniou, like the one above, and some more of the story, over on the Singletrackworld blog.