I was going to write a newsletter to tell people all about the skills courses, holidays and other new Great Rock developments that are coming up in 2011. As I grappled with the mechanics of doing this, I started to think how much I didn’t actually like newsletters. I don’t really want more emails myself, so why should I inflict them on other people? Instead I’ve decided to use video to let people know about what’s coming up. While I’m at it, I’m also going to give my opinions on some of the mountain bike gear that I use on a daily basis. I’ll try to keep the video-casts short and endeavour to make them entertaining.

So far I’ve made a video in bed about next year’s skills/riding holiday to the Basque Country in Spain. I’ve also just made a video-cast about some of the kit that I like the best for wearing on my feet.

There is now a site dedicated to the Great Rock video casts at great-rock.tv

The videos are on Vimeo as well as YouTube so you can watch them on your preferred device. You can subscribe on the site to get updates as they come if you like.

Right, I’m off to plan my Christmas broadcast….