These are downhill race bars, that make a great set for all mountain riding, because of their width and strength.

Why would you not love wide bars? You will probably get more benefit, over more miles, by having the extra stability and control, as well as more leverage for cornering, that you get with wide bars, than you will get problems, with getting though the odd narrow gap in the trees.

Can bars be too wide? Well yes they can, especially if you’re only 5’8″ like me. These bars measure 780mm wide. I ran them for a while at this width. I was fine until I needed to make a tight slow speed turn, or punch a manual off a drop. I just didn’t have enough in my arms. Don’t just cut then straight away though. You need some riding time, rather than just car park testing here. It’s well worth trying them at full width, then experiment by moving your grips inwards, 5mm at a time, and find the ideal width by riding for a good while before you get the hacksaw out. For the record I cut my bars to 760mm.

The 777s are a flat bar, designed to help keep your front end low. Having said that, they do have an effective rise of 5mm, due too the raised clamp area of the bar. To be honest, I don’t really need them to be so low, and I’m running a couple of spacers under my stem. I do like the 10º back sweep of the bars though. Very comfy for me.

Weight is 327g and they also come in an anodised silver colour (which I wish I’d gone for now that I’ve got a polished silver bike!).

RRP is £79.95