We’ve got loads of different flat pedal shoes now to choose from and most of them are good. This means that we can be a bit choosy depending on what particular features we like best. There is now choice in level of grip, stiffness of sole, how quick they dry and what they look like. These Giro Jacket shoes tick all my boxes.

The Vibram sole has plenty of grip. The fit is good and matches my usual shoe size. I particularly like the fit of the heel cup which keeps your foot securely in the shoe even when hike-a-biking up steep mountains or hillocks. There can be a fair bit of walking especially if you go off ‘pass storming’ and the Jackets are dead comfy on and off the bike. They also look like shoes I would want to wear, rather than some Buy Viagra sort of perverted sportswear product. Mine are the black shoes by the way, Benji Haworth has the ones with the more eye catching/distracting laces!

You get a good feel through the soles of what the bike is doing, but they are not too soft and flexy. This makes them nice to pedal in as well as giving you a bit more support and reducing fatigue I found.

When they get wet, which in the UK is on most rides, they are not too difficult to get dry again. Stuffed with newspaper and left at a respectable distance from the fire or radiator, they will dry over night.

Overall then I’ve found my new favourite flat pedal shoes. Grippier than Tevas with a stiffer sole than Five Ten Freeriders, plus they dry pretty quickly and look tidy.

RRP £89.99

More here on the Giro site.