Course Description

You can now buy the gift of a Great Rock skills day for your loved one or best pal. The recipient can get in touch and choose what course they want to come on. If you are a mountain biker why not lay down a heavy hint and get someone to buy one for you.

Vouchers are printed on card so that you have something to hand over. £80 will get a place on one of the open group days, like ‘Stop Crashing’ or ‘Jumps for Dads’, or you can go mental and give a gift of a one to one skills day for £210 (weekdays). You can also buy a ‘Starter’ half day course for complete beginners for just £50.

Maybe you have a mate who spends most of the ride falling off? Do the right thing and start them on the right path with a £40 voucher and tell them not to come back until they’re skilled up. All they have to do is pay the other half of the cost.

You can even give the gift of £10 off a course. The lucky person will just need to get in touch to book their discounted day and pay the balance.

You do love them and want them to be happy right?

Please get in touch with any questions by email or by calling 07545 228209.