The Gravity Light cranks are designed for all mountain use, or as a light weight downhill crankset. At around 900g the weight is just fine for my purposes. The arms are hollow forged, which helps them to stay light and from my experience, I’ve no reason to doubt the claims of stiffness and strength.

I’ve used XC cranks before on my bikes, but with limited success. I’ve stripped the threads on 3 different Shimano XT crank arms. I think this might have something to do with running flat pedals. There’s more surface area to strike the ground with and more leverage exerted on the cranks. With XT cranks the pedal screws straight into the alloy of the arm. The Gravity Lights have a steel pedal thread insert, which has proved a match for my pedal striking abilities. This was a major reason for me to choose them in the first place.

The granny ring spider is detachable, which is great, if like me you are wanting to run a single ring up front. the Gravity Light set up comes as a double and bash. In fact I removed the bash ring as well as the chainrings, as I’m using the excellent e.thirteen LG1 chain device and 33t chainring for my 1×10 set up.

These are a classy looking set of cranks. The styling is understated and clean. I’ve been running them¬† for 3 months and the finish is still looking good and glossy, even though I’ve worn the paint through in one spot with my ‘duck feet’. The bottom bracket is turning as smooth as the day I fitted it as well.

RRP is £219.95, but as with anything, you can search around to find them cheaper.