Riding the Slab properly. Not just 'making' it down!

Just done another Flow skills course up at Gisburn. The weekend course was sold out and the group were really up for progressing their riding. I spent lots of time on the first day looking at how people were riding and then concentrated on tweaking body position on the bike. This leads on to developing the skills to be able to pump the trail and improve cornering.

This time it was all Orange Fives and Lapierre Spicys!

As usual we enjoyed the hospitality of the Dog & Partridge; starting the day with coffee, having lunch and ending the day with the classic Great Rock ‘debrief’ at the bar.

Drops on the DH tracks

We spent some time on the various downhill tracks, which are off the main trail centre loop, looking at drop off technique. There are a couple of smaller drops that are really good for learning and building confidence on. A couple of people in the group were ready to tackle bigger drop offs like the one above.

This gives an idea of the size of the drop

Even though not everyone was ready to try this drop, it’s really good to see how this stuff is ridden using the same technique as everyone had been using on smaller features.
There are more photos from the weekend here on my Flickr site.

Here’s a video with some of the guys riding The Slab…..

GreatRock Flow skills course Oct 2010 from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.