Paul on the steep roll in bank

Just done another Flow course this weekend. There was a great buzz in the group this time making for a fun weekend up at Gisburn Forest. As ever the weekend was based from the hospitable centre of the trails Gisburn Forest Bikes, formerly know as the Dog & Partridge.

On day one we rode some of the great singletrack sections on Gisburn’s trail centre loop. Getting to grips with pump technique and applying this to cornering was our main focus. After that, the weekend was mostly spent in the downhill and freeride areas of the forest learning and practicing advanced skills like drop offs, steps, steep banks and cornering.

Julie riding one of the steep rock lines in the quarry

The Flow weekend is usually about taking people’s riding up to the next level. When they looked at the drop offs on day one, no one could imagine that they would be riding them. I often get the feedback after this course that, “you got me riding things I never thought I could” and this weekend was no exception.

Pete on the drop off line

The guys went away with new skills, like being able to bunny hop properly, as well as having had a big boost in riding inspiration. Some of the techniques need time to sink in and be practiced. I’m sometimes told by people that what we did on the course ‘clicks into place’ weeks later.

There’s usually a Flow course every month, or it can be done as a private booking.