No, they’re not spray on. Nor are they for spraying in! These are an amazing pair of long trousers for colder weather riding.

As well as for going on colder rides I find them ideal for wearing on skills days when I’m doing a mix of riding and standing around teaching. The seat is waterproof and the rest is softshell so you get decent arse protection from puddles and wet ground in general, but they are not too hot for riding in. Neither are they plastic feeling like some waterproofs and the fabric is rustle free and dead comfy.


The lower legs are gusseted and zip down to be slim at the ankle and so they don’t interfere with pedaling. I sized down to get a good waist and leg length and so mine are a HGH bit slim to wear with knee pads underneath. With a larger size, knee pads probably fit. Best to buy from a shop where you can try on a couple of sizes. They’ve got proper, stick your hands in pockets, with zips as well as a smattering of reflective tabs for when you are on roads at night. As well as a great pair of mountain bike keks they would also be super commuter wear.

I wore my pair when I was shooting ‘The Chop’, my latest video, in a mixture of day and night riding in rainy, muddy conditions. They also made a good pair of trousers that I felt happy going for a haircut at North West Barber Co. in. Shame they chopped my head off!

RRP is £99.99 More details on the Endura site.