Photo Benji Haworth.

I’ve never rated waterproof gloves, as water always seems to just come in at the wrist to soak down towards your hands. These gloves from Endura have changed my mind. There’s a waterproof cuff that goes up your sleeve and it’s remarkably effective, both at keeping water out and at keeping you warmer by keeping the cold wind off your wrists. There’s a waterproof membrane inside the gloves, but don’t worry it’s not one of those stupid ones that gets turned inside out when you take the gloves off. The outer material is stretchy, which combined with the lack of bulk means you can still feel what you’re doing with brakes and shifters as well as with jacket zips. There’s gel padding on the palms which is comfy and doesn’t add bulk. The only thing I don’t like is the snot wiper, which is on the index finger rather than thumb and is a bit of a thin strip. It’s not a deal breaker, but there could be a bit more material here. Even though they’re not heavy weight, the gloves are still well insulated. I’ve been happy wearing them in the wet and windy, as well as the frozen days of winter.  Windproof, waterproof and warm. Brilliant. RRP is £35.99 which seems like a bargain to me. Here are the Deluge gloves on the Endura site.