Ian was one of my first clients. Coming from a road riding background, he wanted to race off road and so came for a one to one day up at Lee Quarry. Following that day he raced the Brownbacks cross country series in the ‘Have a Go Hero’ class. He did rather well, winning a race and finishing second in the series overall.

As part of his winter training he’s coming back for more skills training. We’re doing regular 2 hour sessions up at Lee Quarry to develop his technical off road skills. We’ve been working on pumping the trail, using the jump line to perfect timing and body position.

Going back to do it again

I haven’t worked at Lee Quarry for a couple of months and it’s really good to be back up there. Look out for open group days at Lee Quarry from spring 2010 and please get in touch if you want to book a private day. If you’d like to come for a half day (3 hour) or a 2 hour session, I am taking bookings on weekdays only.