Sweet Bushwacker Carbon

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Sweet Protection Carbon Bushwacker MIPS Helmet

Not all helmets are made the same. This one has had a lot of thought put into it and uses the latest technologies to maximise safety while keeping weight down, ventilation up and importantly without sacrificing style.

I became quite entranced reading about the clever and scientific ways that various shell plates of varying thickness and shape combine to maximise protection. I was impressed by the inclusion of carbon fibre, initially because it looks cool and is shaped like a Sweet logo, but then also because it’s ideally suited to the job in hand. There’s a MIPS brain protection system (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) which is basically a cradle inside the helmet, designed by brain surgeons no less, which allows the helmet to float on impact thus reducing rotational forces on the brain.


I was impressed, but also glad that now I knew it was good I could just put it on my head and go riding my bike. The fit is really good with the Bushwacker and it’s easy to set up for your head shape with a couple of different adjusters. Two different thicknesses of padding are included which further add to the custom fit.

Basically when riding the helmet feels really light and comfy and it doesn’t move around when things get fast and furious. Cooling seems good too with 17 vents although I haven’t been anywhere in the high 20ºs since getting it. Coverage is up to the minute and extends round the back of your head and the peak is shatterproof.

You can read about the science and other details on the Sweet Protection site

RRP £199.99

There are non carbon helmets in the Sweet Protection range at a lower price as well as other open and full face lids.

MRP AMg chain guide


A narrow wide chain ring with a clutch rear mech works really well at keeping your chain on. In a year of using such a set up I’ve been pleased apart from just three times when I lost the chain .Unfortunately this is three times too many so I got myself a chain device.

I’ve been running 1×10 drivetrains for ages now and up to the ‘narrow wide’ I always used a full chain device with top cage and bottom jockey wheel to keep the chain safely in place. Bottom rollers are a bit noisy and a bit draggy though and the jockey wheel is something else to wear out and need maintenance.

The MRP AMg chain guide is a top cage only guide for the new ‘clutch age’. It also has a stout bash plate which slides over stuff that you smash into, saving the honour of the chain ring. It’s silent as well and the bit of clear tube on the back of the cage helps here, reducing chain slap sounds. Weight is only about 120g so there’s no problem there making this a bit of a no brainer. The one fitted to my bike is for 28-34 tooth chainring (I’m running 30t). It’s very easy to fit and the instructions (it’s OK you are allowed to read them even if you’re a man) are in simple English.

Since fitting it I haven’t lost the chain which is nice and I’ve ridden some rough and rocky tracks in the Pyrenees as well as the local Hebden Bridge trails. Get one.

RRP £89.99



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