Alpine bike for an Alpine day



Here’s Jonathan with his Orange Alpine 160. It was an appropriate bike choice for the day, as he came along for the Alpine Prep skills day in Hebden Bridge yesterday. This is a pretty special bike too. Jonathan won the bike in an ebay charity auction. It was the bike that Rowan Sorrell raced in the recent Urge Cabo event. The polished frame looks totally mint and it has a really trick build including a set of brakes from Hope, which use the Race X2 levers mated with Tech M4 calipers.

The Alpine Prep course was a great success. We spent the day looking at alpine riding techniques using the steep and rocky trails of Hebden. As well as looking at basic techniques and making relevant upgrades to the individual people’s riding, we spent most of the day concentration on advanced stuff that can really make techy trail riding come alive. Bunny hop skill was developed and tweaked, as was drop off technique and a we got into a master class in how to ride steps and awkward trail features.

Seeing the trails in the Basque Country

We’ve been out in the Basque Country, riding the great trails and planning the Great Rock Guided Riding & Skills Week. There are still places for this trip, see the tab above. Doug from Basque MTB has been showing us round and will also be guiding the riding during the June trip.

We’ve been videoing lots of the trails here so you can get a really good idea of what to expect. The area has both rocky and smooth flowing trails and with clever use of van uplift, you can really make the most of your riding time. All the trails are legal to ride and you really appreciate the unbroken length of the descents. 20 minute descents are common here!

“All Along The Watchtowers” with GreatRock: Part 1 from BasqueMTB on Vimeo.

New Dates & New Courses Popping Up

New season is sprouting


Lots of new dates on the site now for Stop Crashing and some more advanced courses like Jumps for Dads as well. Even more summer dates will be going up soon. Check on the tabs above for details.