Nigel Page Jump ‘n’ Razz Course at Delamere 29 December

Nigel Page at Gisburn Forest from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Here’s a video of Nigel doing demo runs on his NukeProof Mega, at the recent Great Rock advanced mountain bike skills course at Gisburn Forest. Our next advanced course will be on Wednesday 29th December at Delamere Forest. Click here for more details.

Christmas present ideas for mountain bikers who’ve got it all….

You love them and you want them to:

1. Stop falling off so much

2. Become more RAD

3. Get out of your hair for the day

Get them a Great Rock gift voucher….

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You love them and you want them to:

1. Get changed in comfort with discretion

2. Stop coming home covered in shit

3. Stop flashing in car parks

Get them a Booicore changing towel….

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Video from Great Rock Nigel Page Weekend

Great Rock Nigel Page Skills Weekend Nov 2010 from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Thanks for coming everybody. See you out there.

Terry Achieves His Rightful Radness

Terry Achieves His Rightful Radness from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.


Terry has been wanting to ride the drop offs on the downhill tracks at Gisburn Forest for some time now. All his mates have ridden them and he had given himself the target of the end of this year to achieve his goal. The end of the year was fast approaching, so Terry signed up to the Great Rock Nigel Page advanced mountain bike skills course. Nigel is a really skilled and inspirational rider and a group of 12 spent last weekend learning all about drops, jumps, pump, speed, cornering, line choice, bunny hops and the rest. These weekends are a treat for me too, because as well as working, I get the chance to learn something new.

As Gloria says, at first he was afraid, he was petrified, but with the right skills and some confidence he hit the drops as well as the big roll in bank. He didn’t crumple and he didn’t lay down and die. Get in there Terry!

Some photos from the weekend are here.

Greece is the word….

Jon and me riding it Hebden style

I went to Greece last week for four days of riding and feasting. I was invited by Fotis ‘The Face’, who is responsible for introducing Ragley bikes to Greece, with a view to leading mountain bike skills courses and organising winter sun trips out there in the future. I went with Jon from Singletrack and another aim of the trip was to write a feature for Singletrack Magazine on the Greek mountain bike scene. The riding and the people we met were both fantastic and you will be able to read about it in issue 63 of Singletrack. Not everything worked out to plan though as Jon had his laptop stolen, when we got back to the UK, which had the only copies of all the photos and video on it.

There are a couple more photos from George Papantoniou, like the one above, and some more of the story, over on the Singletrackworld blog.

I liked it so much….I bought a box full

I was recently sent one of these Booicore changing robes. It’s just perfect for mountain bikers who need to get changed out of riding kit in car parks and at trail centres, often wet through and covered in mud.

Now he really needs a Booicore

I’ve shown my hairy arse to too many unsuspecting members of the public. Luckily this will happen no more now I’ve got a Booicore. In fact I liked it so much, I thought I’d become a Booicore retailer and I’ve bought a box of them. I think it makes the perfect gift for the mountain biker who has everything else. It’s blue, it’s well made from thick towelling, it even has a pocket for your keys and phone, it could save your life and it’s available to buy from me for £29.99 with free 1st class postage.

If you want one just email me at and I’ll send you payment details and get you sorted.

Thanks to Benji Haworth for the photo. He always seems to be around when I’m getting buff.

Here’s the Booicore site.