SSUK Best Beard


I gave a prize for the best facial hair at SSUK at the weekend. I picked out a handlebar moustache,  a Tex Mex, an Ibbetity Bibbety, a Highland Fuzz and a Full Beard with Waxxed Tache (winner). The finalists then had to face up to the crowd and dance to decide who was the champ. Tom, the tall chap with the obviously strong moves in the centre was the winner and he’ll be coming up to Calderdale for his prize of a free day of guided riding.

Well done that man and remember folks….shaving your face is as pointless as spending time mowing a lawn.

Single Speed UK 2009


Had a lovely time up at Dalby with all the family at the weekend riding and racing in the UK Singlespeed Championships. Photo by Yvonne Wild from mattwildrnes Flickr, click here for more.

Here I am (with random dog in pursuit) leading the charge against the field of competitors running towards their bikes and the start of the race. I had fun hiding people’s bikes with young Nial, who was so good at it that some people took about 5 minutes to find theirs. And before you get all judgemental I hid my own bike at the bottom of the Voodoo pile.

Great course with some nice technical sections. I handed out some of my “Stop Crashing” skills sessions postcards to people who I saw crashing or mincing down the technical bits.

Well done the organisers. See you next year at Brechfa for SSUK 2010.