The Mojo is back

I finally got the Ibis Mojo built up again. It had been lying in my shed as an unloved looking frame since I raced it at the Kidland DH. There’s a new Pure i900R adjustable seatpost on there now as well as some new to me Hone cranks and a bash guard that is big enough for the 36T ring. I tried to fit an MRP single ring chain device but it just wasn’t compatible, so I’ve kept the front mech and double ring set up. Maxxis tyres are on with a Supertacky High Roller on the front and a fast rolling Ignitor on the back. I had a great early morning ride yesterday before the crowds were out. Not too muddy as well if you know where to look and I spotted a Little Owl and a Hare.

Singletrack Classic Weekender Pre-Rides are Go


The pre-rides have started. We got wet, oh yes we did, but we had fun on those berms, turns, drops and climbs. I took a good bunch round the xc, trials and dh coursesto see what’s what for the July event.

If you haven’t booked your weekend ticket yet, get over to the Singletrack online shop and at the same time you can book your free place on one of the Tuesday night pre-rides. You can also book a skills day if you want to know how to ride the berms!  Click here to go there.

Thanks to Ju for the photos. Above we’ve got the rainbow making it quite clear that the Lee Quarry trails are a pot of gold. Below is Rich Boyd pinning it through the berms.


Skills Day Feedback :-)

Hi Ed,

I thought I’d just say a proper thank you for the skills training day. Going back down to Hebden Bridge on the last run of the day I’ve never felt as comfortable and confident on my bike. I can honestly say I had no fear taking on those steps or the drop by the tree with your help and guidance. Obstacles I would have previously walk/ridden around and missed out the fun of. I’m really looking forward to the “Stop Crashing! At Lee Quarry” day and picking up some more skills.



Stop Crashing is Go

The first of the Monday night Stop Crashing Skills sessions at Lee Quarry kicked off last night.

Here’s Grinner, Matt and Andy bathed in light from the setting sun. No one crashed. Everyone started to get the flow. We did berms tonight. Next week we’re doing steep rock descents. Places still available on other days or evening sessions have a look over to the right on the Stop Crashing page for more details.

More Racing at the UK’s Best Trail Centre!


The countdown to race three has started.

Race 2 brought out the singlespeeders and more ladies and with a small
weather bubble keeping the promised rain off proved to be another great day
for all.

So get you pre-entries in for race 3! Pre-entry means no queuing at sign-on
when you want to be getting prepared for the racing, you know it makes sense
so just do it!

The course will change again and so expect the unexpected! (….well
actually just expect more great trails!)

Same great format and each week we get that little bit slicker with the
organisation. Any suggestions? Then email

See you on the start-line!

Bodge Saves the Day

Half way into the day and my client’s mech hanger snapped off. He was “just riding along”. I split the chain, got the mech off, shortened the chain and singlespeeded his bike. Couple of cable ties to tidy away the gear cable and we were able to carry on for another 3 hours.

Luckily we were working on technical descending, berms and cornering skills rather than climbs. Sweet and neat.